Marvin Edeas - Ncbi

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24.06 2018
Marvin Edeas - Ncbi

The effects of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in chronic diseases is a matter his research centres on. marvin edeas performs studies in nephrology patients and documents the effects of microbiota metabolites on mitochondrial activity of these patients. Marvin Edeas joined a team responsible for Inflammation, Oxidative Stress and Cell Proliferation.

Marvin Edeas received his doctorate on HIV infections in symptomless patients from Antoine Béclère Hospital in 1998. He followed a course on infectious diseases at the Paris-Descartes University. Marvin Edeas worked in the Pulmonary Diseases Department at Armand Trousseau Hospital in the early 1990s.

Marvin Edeas - Works and Publications

His book released in 2005, "The Health Secrets of Tea", was made for a wide audience. Marvin Edeas has written a variety of publications and books. His thesis, defended in the year 1996, discovered the results of oxidative stress in HIV replication in symptomatic and asymptomatic patients suffering HIV. In addition to his own writings, the research performed by Marvin Edeas is very often the focus of content in the specialist press.

Oysters and Peptides Derived from Hydrolysates Modulate Oxidative Stress

As a result of these patents, a start-up was created in order to market the peptide. The discoveries Marvin Edeas has made have proved to possess a real application. Most definitely, Oyster hydrolyzate has applications in the areas of cosmetology, dietetics and medicine. Marvin Edeas has filed two patents, in Europe and in the United States.

Marvin Edeas - A Globally Acknowledged Scientist

Lots of agencies make use of the expertise that Marvin Edeas possesses. The worldwide conference Targeting Microbiota and Mitochondria is chaired by him. Marvin Edeas works with the National Center for Science in Krakow, Poland, the Agency of Biomedicine and the Agency for the Evaluation of Research and Higher-Education (AERES). The Chair of the International Society of Antioxidants (ISANH) logically handles his yearly congress, Paris Redox.